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“Magic Mirror at the Ball (or party, or Wedding, or sporting game, or prom, or company, or...(well you get the drift), who’s party is BEST OF ALL?!?!”

With a touch of the mirror, its speaks backs to you: Of course your party is the grandest of all, because you have a Magical Mirror Photo Booth!

Some of the best moments happen with photo booths, but the Magical Mirror Photobooth takes even the best moments and make then MAGICAL! We’ve all used photo booths at many of our friends’ weddings, parties, and events, so you know first hand the great memories they can provide. But...what if you could combine photos and video? Maybe you would like to have some animated photos? Or even catch all of the funny candid happenings as people rush to get the perfect picture in 3 seconds. You have imagined it, and our Magical Mirror Photobooth can provide it.!


We enable you to easily preserve candid shots of your guests, and share them however you’d like! We are dedicated to adding fun, excitement, and lasting memories to your next event. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, reunion, school function, fundraising effort or a night together with a group of great friends, we guarantee that we’ll bring the fun that keeps the party going and capture all the moments you won’t want to forget!